Reengineering is a combination of 3D scanning and processing of the information received from the scanner to an extremely accurate three-dimensional digital object model that is suitable for manipulation or production.

Once the object has been scanned, the operator collects all the data (from different angles and sides of the object) and combines them in a 3D model that can be altered in conventional ways. After scanning, the model can be scaled, adjusted, and its design and functionality to be improved. Subsequently, the digitized and processed model can be made from a 3D printer within a few hours.



The most commonly used applications for re-engineering are:

* The part is no longer in production, and there is no place to buy

*Damaged and/or deformed parts

* The original piece is not strong enough and should be made of other material

* Modifications have to be made to the original application-specific part, or the functionality should be improved

* Only a particular component that is not provided separately is required

Prices for the re-engineering service vary depending on the complexity of the object and the time for processing the data. It is enough to send a picture of the object that you want to be digitalized, as well as some additional information, such as the size of the detail, and we will reply with a price offer. Contact us for more details.