SolidFill offers a wide range of services that complement the core technology we distribute - 3D printing. We offer services that allow the development of prototypes and end products, even when you have nothing but an idea. We build the necessary software model or process an existing one, print the physical object and perform finishing procedures if necessary. We are your partner at every step in the rapid prototyping process.

Our team of professionals listens to your ideas, trying to understand your needs, and provides an objective assessment of the project at hand. We offer a professional recommendation for improvement in the design of the project or create an entirely new one so that it meets the requirements of technology. Our goal is to help the fast and high-quality realization of your product, and below you can find out how we achieve this exactly.

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Choosing the proper material plays a crucial role in the successful outcome of the 3D printing project. In the field of Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing, various technologies are available, and a broad spectrum of materials are used. Combining the features can often be confusing. SolidFill’s experience is something you can trust upon – send us information about your requirements and the applications of your idea, and a team of professionals will select the most appropriate material to turn it into reality.

3D Printing Materials


In stereolithography (SLA), liquid photopolymers are used to build the intended objects. SolidFill has a broad variety of photopolymers – hard, flexible, rubber-like – with the purpose of covering as many prototyping requirements as possible. This type of materials and the printing technology used in producing them serve as a guarantee of high accuracy, great appearance and detail precision. They are used for the design of conceptual and functional models, as well as for the producing of prototypes for subsequent processes such as Vacuum casting. They are not suitable for external use as they are sensitive to UV rays.
You can download the TDS from here.

Vacuum Casting Materials

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