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Industry Pioneers

SolidFill is a pioneer in professional services for 3D printing / rapid prototyping in Bulgaria. At its dawn in 2013, the company was fully focused on technology applications and all derived industries.

Subsequently, it expanded its activities through services for 3D scanning, reengineering, 3D design and modeling, finishing of 3D printed parts, and product design.
In 2015, due to increased interest, the company began to offer the production of plastic parts in small and medium series through vacuum casting technology.

The team of professionals is informed daily about the latest developments in the world of additive technologies in order to keep up with the needs of customers and to implement their projects through the most modern and efficient methods.

Our Mission

The corporate mission of SolidFill is to spread the innovative technological methods of production and their applications, especially in Bulgaria, through educating the local industrial market.

For a Better Future

We strive to help every team or organization - no matter their size - step confidently into the future. We assist start-up companies by helping them measure the applicability of their idea; medium
enterprises - by prototyping new products and production in short series; large manufacturers - by improving efficiency in the pre-production process.

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Our Team

The backbone of SolidFill is the dedicated experts who take care of the realization of each project in order to make sure it happens in the fastest and most efficient way possible. However, each of our 20+ members has their own fun hobbies and interests. In addition to professionalism, we are united by our appreciation for nature, a love for international cuisine, and a passion for sports!
Dimo Dimov
General Manager
Plamen Barzakov
Marislava Tenincheva
Administrative Manager
Georgi Mitov
Senior Account Manager
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44 "Zhitnitsa" str., 1612, Npz Stedets, Sofia, Bulgaria
+359 888 722 894
© 2022 SolidFill, All Rights Reserved
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