Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Here are the answers to the questions we encounter most often:
Frequently Asked Questions - Materials

What materials are used for printing the prototypes?

The materials depend on the machine and technology, as well as the purpose you need the end product for. The most commonly used materials based on technology are:
– FDM technology – ABS material
– SLS technology – PA material
– SLA technology – photopolymer material.
Frequently Asked Questions - Price

How is the price calculated and how long would I wait for an offer?

The pricing is based on the amount of material that will be needed to make the part or the object. Depending on the technology, it might be measured in cubic centimeters (cm3) or milliliters (ml). You can see the approximate prices per unit volume here. The volume calculation includes all supporting structures required to create the product.
Frequently Asked Questions - Time

How long is the time between placing the request to receiving the prototype?

We aim to be as quick as possible, and our goal is to send your prototype within a maximum of 3 business days. However, the time frame depends on several factors: errors in the digital model that our engineers must repair; size, amount, complexity, the workload of our machines at the current moment, and of course, your specific requirements. The actual time for completing your project will be included in the offer you will receive.
Frequently Asked Questions - Concept

I don't have a 3D model, but I have drawings, sketches, and ideas I wish to realize – is it possible to make something out of them?

Yes! Even if you need to start from scratch, our designers are ready to help you with making a 3D model! We can create it from drawings, sketches, pictures, etc., as well as to make a replica of a completed part, taking its dimensions through 3D scanning and modeling.
Here you can find thousands of free and ready-to-print 3D models:
Frequently Asked Questions - Formats

What file formats do you support?

We work with all formats used on the market. Trying to make it as easy as possible for you, we accept each of the following popular formats and convert it free of charge:


Of course, if there is a problem with the conversion, or if we find a potential problem, we will contact you immediately.
Frequently Asked Questions - Fixing

Will you fix any problems with my 3D model if necessary?

Yes! We will check and fix the problems with your 3D model if needed, free of charge. If the errors are too complicated or require a change in the model itself, we will contact you immediately .
Frequently Asked Questions - Modeling Practices

What are the recommended modeling practices?

Here you can download several documents describing the minimum requirements and best practices in order for a model to be printed using any of the technologies available.
Frequently Asked Questions - Delivery

How will I get my prototype when it's completed?

Your project details will be sent via your preferred shipping company (e.g., Econt, Speedy, DHL, UPS, etc.) at your own expense. Of course, you can also personally get the details from our office in Sofia at 44 'Zhitnitsa' Str.
Frequently Asked Questions - Payment Options

What are the payment options for your services?

We will accept the most convenient payment method for you – cash on delivery, bank transfer, PayPal, ePay, etc. If you need an invoice, it is recommended to send your billing information in advance.
Frequently Asked Questions - Urgent

I need an urgent producing of a prototype, is it possible?

Yes, no matter how busy we are, it is possible to start working on your order right away, but you have to contact us for additional details.
Frequently Asked Questions - Quantity

Is there a minimum quantity or order value?

At SolidFill, we have a minimum order value of 30 BGN (excluding VAT). Within this amount, we can produce as many units as possible of the desired element or product.

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