In many of the manufacturing processes special aids are used. Some of them are meant for assembling to position and aligning the components of the product to one another, fix, and/or align them to other instruments. Another purpose is to assist operators in moving and securing said components. These devices play a key role in the quality and the speed of the production and the security of the employees. Since the manufacturing of each product has its own differences and characteristics, the instruments are different as well. That's why 3D printing is such a suitable technology for making this type of detail – highly specific, with complex shapes, small quantities, and with a high probability of frequent changes.
Aids play a key role in the quality of production, as well as speed and safety of the team.
3D printint is a suitable technology for manufacturing any type of details.

Advantages of 3D Printing in Manufacturing of Devices

- Decreasing costs – Compared to complicated and labor-intensive milling, 3D printing takes fewer resources and does not require specially trained staff.
- Speed ​​- In some cases, 3D printing is over 90% faster than conventional milling.
- A variety of materials – Industrial additive machines work with a wide range of materials, some of which have specific characteristics – flammability or resistance to high temperatures, chemical resistance, and UV protection.
- Weight – The weight of the aids is extremely important for the employees who work with them. Thanks to 3D printing, the weight and the geometry of the details can be optimized – for example, it can be produced with a lower density, without compromising the strength.
- Accuracy – 3D printing technologies are extremely accurate, with tolerance below 0.05mm in some of them.

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