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Industrial Manufacturing


Testing and Mass Production

3D printers are getting more widely used for producing individual details or complete end products in small series when needed in industrial manufacturing. This allows testing of the consumers’ preferences and to produce in bulk only a particular new product that they like. The technology is also suitable for specific forms of production. In particular, forms for which the construction of the traditional type of production facilities would be too expensive. Also, forms for which there is a need for a quick fulfillment of the local demand for a certain product in a certain region.
Mass production is the culmination of the efforts of the team that worked on building the product.
Before a product is sent for mass production, SolidFill experts test it in a secure environment.

Combining with Other Methods for Manufacturing Purposes

3D printing is often combined with other methods for serial production in order to optimize the process, reduce time, and improve quality. The creation of 3D-printed molds for injection (injection molding), blowing (blow molding), or thermoforming is becoming more and more common. One of the main advantages of the matrix built in this way is the dedicated cooling channels. They allow the casting of complex forms of a higher quality.
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