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June 21, 2022

3D Printing and Its Benefits in the Industry

Until recently, innovative 3D printing was seen as something entirely new, especially in the heavy industry. The technology was not developed enough, and the price of the hardware was rather high. All this is now in the past. More and more affordable 3D printer models are appearing on the market today. The benefits and advantages of 3D printing are being appreciated by every industry. Here's what makes this technology special.

Profitability and Speed of the Production Cycle

3D printing is proving to be much more profitable than other technologies. Many manufacturers use it for prototyping and creating small series of products. Of course, plastic can also be used for casting, but this requires expensive equipment. In this way, the entire process of creating small series of prototypes becomes more expensive.

In addition, when using 3D printing, the time spent on creating the projects is significantly shortened. With conventional manufacturing methods, the entire process can take weeks or days, and most products are printed in hours. Therefore, there is no need for the manufacturer to store each individual part or component - they can simply be printed and immediately put into operation.

High Quality and Customization

Because 3D printing uses a completely different manufacturing method than most operations involving machine tools, the overall process has significantly fewer weaknesses and drawbacks. In addition, products made using 3D printing have a high degree of customization, with next-generation 3D printers providing the ability to print not only lightweight plastic, but also metal-coated prototypes. Objects created in this way are not only of higher aesthetic value, but also more functional and more sustainable.
3D Printing in the Industry

A Variety of Materials

The materials used by modern 3D printers are much more diverse than most raw materials in traditional manufacturing methods. 3D printing also provides the possibility to mix different substances, which is impossible with conventional methods. 3D printers can work not only with the original materials for a given production, but allow simulations of ceramics, metal, glass and many other materials.

That is why modern 3D printing is gaining momentum and is increasingly popular among manufacturers and customers. But the real peak of popularity and functionality of this technology is yet to come.

Sustainability and Affordability

It is known that 3D printing is gaining more and more support in the eyes of environmental organizations. It leaves significantly less waste than traditional processing. At the same time, the price of innovative 3D printers and consumables is rapidly decreasing, which makes it possible for their application in smaller companies and workshops. 3D printing is also an invaluable support in cases where the manufacturer has to assess whether it is worth launching a new product or design on the market. A modest amount of printed prototypes can attract a lot of interest from investors and customers, giving the business owner a clearer picture of whether starting a new production is worth it or not.
3D Printing in the Industry

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