R&M Bulgaria Production EOOD – Solidfill

R&M Bulgaria Production EOOD – Solidfill

R&M Bulgaria Production EOOD – Solidfill

We from SolidFill value our customers and partners and always provide them with the most rational, and appropriate solution for the fulfillment of their projects. In this article we are going to share the professional opinion of Radosveta Radeva , Head of Research and Development, at Reichle & De-Massari (www.rdm.com), our long years client. R&M is a Swiss company, part of the international group ‘’Reichle’’, founded in 1964. At present the company has offices in more than 30 countries. It is one of the leaders in the production and spreading of High quality cables for communication networks and copper components. R&M becomes part of the Bulgarian market in 2011; there is about 300 people staff. Part of the products, which are being made in Bulgaria are fibro optic cables, components, and innovative client solutions. Thanks to the perfectly constructed team, featuring; designers, engineers, constructors, project managers, manufacturing operators and others, the company can guaranty for high Swiss precision and high quality of the products and the provided services on the market.

1) How did you decide to use the 3D Printing Solutions provided by SolidFill?

-After an online market research and a meeting, on which we discussed with SolidFill their technological capabilities, which lead to quality results. The prototypes manufactured by them are with high precision and meet our demands for high quality.

2) For what kind of projects do you tend to use Rapid Prototyping and how the different kinds of technologies (SLAFDMSLSVacuum Casting), with which you work, take part in them?

-Every single one of the mentioned technologies takes part in the completion of our projects. Depending of the difficulty, preciseness, accuracy and self-value of the detail, we choose the right technology.

3) Can you give us an example of a project in which these technologies have helped you to reduce the consumption of resources (time, money..)?

– In the development of a panel, which has the world record for density of its ports per netscale, we saved time, thanks to the Fast Prototyping method. The ability to quickly test your ideas and find out on time what is wrong with them helps to speed up the process of finding the perfect solution.

4) Which technologies helped you the most after their application in this project?

-In the development of our projects the most frequently used technology is FDM, because of the good ratio of price and quality. When we want to test the full functionality of our more complicated details, we use Vacuum Casting. Thanks to it we managed to make actual tests of concepts developed by us and to take a decision, which covers the high Swiss criteria.

To have the opportunity, to verify the design through 3D Printing for the plastic details, before you have invested in an expensive tooling equipment is significant. Printing the ready for production prototype, before making this massive investment gives you the assurance that the design covers the required functionality. It’s in times cheaper to 3D Print and test the prototypes, rather than remaking or changing an existing tool.

5) Are you satisfied from the collaboration with our company and would you recommend us to your partners and clients, which might need these technologies?

-We trust the expert assessment of SolidFill when talking about 3D Technologies. They are well acquainted with the functionality of the details, which we develop and we rely on their recommendations, the final result is always a service that meets our requirements. We are very satisfied with the precise processing of the given by them details and their correct attitude. There are a team of proven professionals and we will continue to work with them with great pleasure on our future projects. We would recommend them with confidence to our partners.

*SolidFill covers all requirements, which our clients have. The technological capabilities which we offer are well appreciated and find their applications in various projects. The services for Fast Prototyping, give the opportunity to our clients to reach optimal results in a short time, and to reduce their project costs. This is very important for companies like R&M Bulgaria in the stage of their product development, before mass production. Each one of the main 3D Pinting technologies (FDM, SLA, SLS) is used by our clients, depending on the character of the project. Emphasis is also placed on the Vacuum Casting technology, which is key the making of details in short series (from20-500+pieces). The details made with this technology are with high quality and can be used for prototypes and final parts. Thanks to the wide gamma of materials used in this technology, the opportunity for tests of the different functionalities of the printed details is present. The ratings received by SolidFill speak for the quality of the offered services.

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