Product design


Creating a new hardware product is not an easy task. The process is a complex and indivisible combination between the aesthetics (3D design) and engineering skills (3D development).

Thanks to the extensive experience of the engineering designers from Solid Fill’s team, we can make significantly easier this stage in developing of your idea. Whether you have some concept or not, our product design services are suitable for you. Whether you are ready with the electronics and you have to give it a stylish and useful outlook, or you are looking for a solution to a problem, there is someone to call upon – us.


The process has two principal stages. Design and development.


  • Design

This is the stage in which the aesthetic concept of the product is being conceived. The outlook depends on the information submitted in advance about the practical use of the object, as well as the target group of potential users. The client might give useful tools to the designers by pointing to specific models or samples to be followed. Otherwise, it will be entirely up to Solid Fill team to come up with an original solution. Usually, a minimum of 3 different concepts are offered, and the customer selects the one that suits him the most. If necessary, small adjustments can be made to the set direction.


  • Development

Once the design has been approved, our engineers start the stage of development of the product. The client`s preferences are taken into account in the process here concerning required patterns of assembling, projecting inclinations, etc. Here is where the electronics fit precisely to the plastic and other details so that they can perform the function of the features.

As a final result, you get the models in a convenient 2 or 3D format suitable for any subsequent production or prototyping.

After the work on the 3D models has ended, it is recommended to produce a prototype to test the device in terms of the concept set at the start as well as checking its functionality. If any issue is found, it will be addressed immediately as a part of the service.

It is crucial for both stages to be synchronized. We often see a seemingly fantastic design that unfortunately by no means conforms to existing production methods, or is impractical and unprofitable for realization. Using Solid Fill’s services, this problem is eliminated as the members of our team are in constant communication with each other and with the client.

The prices of this service vary depending on the input information you can provide to us, as well as the complexity of the task in question. Contact us for more details.