Successful Story – Race Cloud

Successful Story – Race Cloud

Do you like to go gokarting? If the answe is Yes, you would like this project as much as we did. When the innovative company named RaceCloud approched us with their idea we were thrilled. What they do is successfully combining the passion for high speeds and innovative high tech so they can develop products for live monitoring and telemetry for proffesional go karts.

When they told us more about the project, we were even more impressed. These guys had thought of everything – very professional software, innovative hardware decisions and incredible user friendly interface. In addition they had come up with modern design for each part of the system – from the display console to the GPS box.


What they needed to finish their project was to test the design and this is why they approached us in order for us to make a few conceptual prototypes for them. We started of cautiously – they sent us only one part from the design, which after the first 3D printed prototype underwent a few structural changes. What followed after were the digital models of the buttons, GPS boxes and a few smaller elements, which we made into physical shapes. Our team used two of the main technologies to create the prototypes – FDMand SLA. Addition handling of the details was necessary so that the end result was as close to the intended final look as possible. The final look of the prototypes represents the efforts of both companies that were put into this project

The goal was not only to test the aesthetics of the design, but to also validate that electronics, cables and display will fit in the plastic parts. Made in this way and assembled the entire go kardt telemetry system was sent off to end user for numerous tests among which such for ergonomics and aerodynamics.


RaceCloud’s inclination toward innovation and especially towards 3D printing saved them not only vital time for preparing the prototypes and thus decreasing the lead time, but also not neglectable financial expenditure. The time needed to 3D Print one single part was just a few hours, The conventional production methods such as injection molding or CNC milling are suitable for mass production, but are extremely expensive and inefficient when it comes to producing a limited sent of part for prototypes.

After the successful collaboration between RaceCloud and SolidFill, the system for live telemetry and monitoring for Go Karts is ready for mass distribution. You can equip your kart from here.

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