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The three dimensional printing is about to create a whole new era for the creative professions. It can facilitate significantly the work of designers, advertisers and artists by allowing them to create models and prototypes fast and easy. One of the areas where this technology has been widely used for years is the architecture where it is much easier to create models and projects.

The three dimensional printing is a synonym of the creativity and the aesthetics. Over time this process is being used in creating new designs in the jewelry, fashion, sculpture and other industries  where this process was practically impossible until this moment. The technology and its way of working introduces a radically new way of conceptual thinking and unlocks unattainable potential for everyone who can master it. Creating of forms has a new meaning and breaks all the barriers in the physical manufacturing.

Most printers use high-quality plastic materials, therefore the printed products are made from plastic. For some of the projects they might be the desired end products. The materials usually are of a very high quality and diversity, therefore the various pre-planned features of the design are easy to achieve – robustness, elasticity and etc. 3D printing offers a lot more than creating of plastic jewelry or sculptures. The printed objects can be easily converted into matrixes, and with the conventional production methods later on, they can be modeled into works of art from diverse materials, such as precious metals.

All three dimensional printing methods are suitable for creating art. Each of them, FDM or SLS has its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your project, we from “Solid Fill” will offer you the most appropriate method for you.