Consultations for mass production

Mass production is the culmination in the efforts of any team that has worked on the development of a product, referring to weeks and months committed to the design, prototyping, iterations, testing and certification.


Regarding quantities over 1000 pieces there is an alternative technology for production called Casting under pressure or also referred to as ‘’Injection Molding’’. The process starts with the preparation of high quality steel molds, which are fitted to injection molding machines and following the end parts are casted in them with high technical quality and good surfaces. There is a wide material choice which meets almost every functionality expectations.



Not without relevance are the expenses for this kind of service, because they are important for the calculation of the products end price, as well as for the profits. The production time of the products is crucial to their end release on the market – a critical factor in most cases.


Due to high expenses for those kinds of services in Europe and even Bulgaria, and low capacities of production companies, more and more product companies are turning to Asian production. However, this choice brings a big amount of risks – the distance leads to lack of good quality control and uncertainty in lead times, as well as quality. Communication with production companies from China can also be a problem, because of language and cultural barriers.



For our injection molding mass production services we at SolidFill work with tested and approved Chinese partners. Thanks to our partnership with them, we can offer competitive prices, very short end dates and most importantly very high quality end parts. Thanks to the vast amount of completed projects your quotations will be prioritized, no matter if they are only for offers or final orders.  The most important benefits from our service can be synthesized as follows:


  • Production time of industrial equipment (Molds) – up to 30 days.
  • The equipment costs include test pieces, until the instrument is fully calibrated.
  • 20% discount on industrial equipment (Molds) if the instruments are made on site.
  • Full process management – communication with the Chinese partner, organization of shipments – air and water transport, customs clearance.


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