Every architect knows that it is a great advantage to have a physical model when creating an architectural model and making sales – and this is also the best way to present your creativity and aesthetics to people. Another great advantage is the possibility for the architect to see how the model looks like in real beyond the software. Every architect knows how difficult, expensive and slow is the creating of such model … without the help of 3D printing.


Architects typically use an array of complex software programs to visualize the sketches of a 3D model. However the techniques for creating of mock-ups are far behind. Wood, cardboard, paper and etc are the materials used for making models, however they are not effective enough. The 3D printing fills this niche. The use of this technology not only saves time and money, but it also gives the possibility to emphasize even the smallest details. The robustness and the durability of the mock-ups are more reasons why to use our services – you can easily transport them without the risk of damage or wear.