Other Applications

3D printing has found its application in numerous fields and industries one way or another. There is  much more unexplored potential to be tapped. With its flexibility of production it has become a suitable mean of utilisation for not one or two divers companies. The quality materials that are upgraded every day provide the input needed to integrate the process virtually everywhere. Here you can read and educated yourself of the large number of markets which three dimensional printing has already revolutionized. Most of them haven’t had anything in common (till now) showing the large applicational coverage of the technology.


Healthcare & Dentistry


In healthcare 3d Printing is currently  used in two main ways:


Prototyping and creating prosthetics and implants


Prosthetics is a vast part of healthcare and dentistry. It has always been a very difficult job to adjust a standard parts to the numerous physical requirements of different patients. This is why 3D Printing has become such a hit among psychiatrists and physicians in general. Its property to create customized object based on the 3d model input has made it one of the most convenient methods to create entire prosthetics and implants or special parts of them. The 3d software models are usually already in place due to other advanced technology such as scanners, so there is little adjustments to the whole process to incorporate 3d printing. There are materials specially designed and created for these medical purposes and approved by worldwide authorities.


Simulation of complex surgical manipulations


As every one of us is unique so is our physiology. Every time our bodies need complex surgeries is highly unlikely that it will resemble fully an analogous one for somebody else. This is why surgeries need careful planning with precision to our own conditions. 3d Scanned and printed body parts give surgeons exactly this body tailored analysis. The technology allowed bone structures to be scanned and printed in order to show the exact traumas and fractures and thus give the opportunity to come up with the best patient specific surgeon approach.