3D Printing has the potential to change a vast amount of industries and community spheres. The biggest change it causes is the opportunity for production of high class end parts and prototypes in small series, including single pieces. This liberalization of production already eases the workflow of a variety of creative segments and is on the way to cause a real revolution in others. And with the wider spreading of materials used in 3D Printing the influence of the technology is yet to become even greater.

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Rapid Prototyping

3D printing is a great prototyping tool that greatly reduces the time and the costs for creating prototypes, thus stimulating innovation and creativity. 3D printing / prototyping technology fits perfectly into this process by dramatically reducing delivery times, costs, and perceived errors in creating a new product.


3D Printers have been widely used in the manufacturing industries for decades now. The technology has become a vital part of the process giving manufacturers the advantages of smaller lead times, less expensive operations and cutting unnecessary production processes.

Manufacturing tools

In many of the manufacturing processes are used special aids for assembling to position and align the components of the product to one another, to fix and/or align them to other instruments, assist operators in moving and securing them.

Spare Parts

3D printing is particularly suitable for creating single spare parts or small series whenever and wherever it is needed. Often, the spare parts are available as multi-component products, and in order to replace a particular single component they must all ordered as a set.


The creation of prosthesis is of great importance in the medicine. Despite their long history of development, it is still hard to adapt standard parts to numerous physical differences of the patients. This is the reason why the 3D printing is becoming the leading technology for the producers of modern prosthesis and doctors.


The possibility of the 3D printing to create highly personalized objects is interesting for every master in marketing. The customized advertisement materials to the specific interest of every potential or current customer are something irreplaceable in the industry, and now with the 3D printing they are fully accessible.

Jewellery, Fashion & Art

The three dimensional printing is about to create a whole new era for the creative professions. It can facilitate significantly the work of designers, advertisers and artists by allowing them to create models and prototypes fast and easy.


А great advantage is the possibility for the architect to see how the model looks like in real beyond the software. Every architect knows how difficult, expensive and slow is the creating of such model … without the help of 3D printing.