3D Designing


The 3D modeling gives the shape of your idea or product. Before we reach the desired outlook, the three-dimensional design is the engineering task that has to be performed meticulously to prepare the elements for the production of high quality and with no issues at the end.



The correct functioning of the details depends on the proper work during this stage of development. The design process includes several steps. The required inclinations of the surfaces are applied, while the overly thick areas are modified and thinned. The construction of the assembling parts also happens here, and it has to comply with the purpose of the final product. Seals, sockets, and ducts that have to be moisture- and waterproof are also being created at this stage to provide a higher level of durability. The design needs to fit into the ideas of ergonomics, and this is a part of the process too.

Once the design is completed, the parts have to go through prototyping (3D printing, milling, vacuum casting, vacuum molding, etc.) so the functionality of the detail can be physically tested and, if necessary, adjustments to be made.

Professional 3D Designing saves a lot of headaches and essential resources in the subsequent manufacturing processes. Using Solid Fill 3D design services, you have the guarantee that the product is prepared or prototyping and also optimized for all kinds of mass and custom manufacturing.