3D CAD Modeling


3D CAD model is the starting point of any project that requires 3D printing. The models serve as a base concept for printers after we treat them with the use of specialized software.

At Solid Fill, we are well aware that not everyone possesses the required knowledge, time and technology to work with the sophisticated software systems needed to create 3D models. Our 3D designers have the skills and the expertise to build a 3D model from your sketches, drawings or just ideas. Not only that, but using our design services, you will be guaranteed that the model is built and prepared properly for the 3D printing process or other ways of manufacturing with no additional checks and adjustments.



We need a 2D sketch, a drawing, or even just a simple scratch of the object you wish to print to be able to create your 3D model. Exact dimensions such as length, height, thickness, and so on of the different elements also need to be provided in order to achieve the required precision of the particular model.

If you need a 3D model of a physical object with relatively simple geometrical properties, we can scan and transfer its dimensions to 3D even without sketches. For more complex units or elements, we would recommend our 3D scan service.

The prices of the service may vary, depending on the shape and complexity of the object. Feel free to contact us for more information.