Functional Prototyping

While concept modeling tests the physical appearance of the product and it’s mainly, but not solely, aesthetic qualities, functional prototyping stressed on the different performance qualities of the model.
Product and designs are rarely static, they perform various purposes for which they must move, bend, transform and react to the environment. A proof for these applications cannot be taken from a 2D sketch or even 3D software model. A prototype must be built and tested of its functionalities and will it carry out the mission which it has been designed for.
The need for tests is unquestionable; however the creation of functional models remains an expensive, time consuming and inefficient way of doing so. Solid Fill 3D printing services in Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) and SLA – Stereolithography can change that. We will create your durable, high-performance prototypes that withstand thermal, chemical and mechanical stress on demand. You will be able to use realistic models that replicate the look and feel of your final product without unnecessary waste of lead time.

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