Concept Modeling

Weather in a small, medium or  big business new product development is an essential part of the company development. New products are what drives company ahead and gives them competitive edge and generates their profits. Prototypes of the new products are an inseparable step of the process. Through them teams can view the physical forms and aesthetics of the object before going into mass production.   The very concept of the product can be tested, deformities and defect in construction can be easily detected and later fixed.

For small firms concept modelling usually means testing more ideas until reaching the most feasible one to start the production. Big corporation within department concept modelling contributes to a  better management pitch among other things.

3D printing technology fits comfortably in this process, decreasing lead time, costs and margins of error. 3D printed concept models are valuable communication tools, conveying ideas to colleagues, clients and marketers in a way that a computer model never could.

Marketing and Design
Jewelry, Fashion, Art & Sculpture
Ergonomic Research