Combining 3D printing/Rapid prototyping with business yields numerous application possibilities. Virtually, through its three main types, the method can be applied everywhere.  Ever since the technology was invented around three decades ago the number of industries that adapt it is increasing with a geometrical progression pace. This by itself speaks of the potential of the technology and it’s yet to be fully explored nature. Some of the most widespread industries that apply the technology up to today are: Application 1 ;Application 2; etc.

Solid Fill brings these industries’ expertise to your business with information, advices and of course 3D printing services.

As more advanced printers are developed or the range of materials for printing increases, so will the applications. Solid Fill will be here to update it customers on the latest discoveries in the world of applied 3D printing and enable them to put them into work in their own business setting.

For the sake of simplicity and order we identify  three main fields where 3d printing can be applied:

  • Concept Modeling
  • Functional Prototyping
  • Manufacturing Tooling

Functional_PrototypingOther ApplicationsIndustrial Manufacturing