About us

We are a company built around the 3D printing technology. Our aim is to bring its innovative methods and applications onto the Bulgarian market through educating local businesses about its wide range of benefits and capabilities. We want to share the international knowhow that we gather with local production experts and show them how 3d printing/Rapid prototyping can increase efficiency, decrease cost and the margin of production error.

Solid Fill is a pioneer in the commercial spreading and usage of 3d printing/Rapid prototyping technology in Bulgaria. It is a company solely focused on the applications of this technology and all incremental branches such as 3D scanning, finishing of 3D printed objects, CAD software, etc. Solid Fill and its partners are equipped with the latest hardware covering all three main types of 3D Printing methods. Our industry professionals are in constantly monitoring of the international markets to bring you the most up-to-date procedures in the word of 3D printing.

Our services are available and can benefit all size of businesses – from start-ups in helping shape their ideas and evaluate feasibility through SMEs in new product generation or small quantities production to large production lines in bringing efficiency in pre-mass production. Due to the mass application of the 3d printing/Rapid prototyping we can service also a wide range of industries such jewelry, architecture, industrial design and production, dentistry and many more – please see the application section for more details.