3D Scanning

The 3D scanning technology has the opportunity to analyze real-world object, collect data on its shape and possibly its appearance (i.e. color) by scanning it and transferring it to a 3D model. This option eliminates the need to have a 2D sketch with exact and detailed dimensions and parameters or creating one from scratch without having any data. 3D scanning is more suitable and efficient for complex objects with often small details on the surface.

Once the object is scanned the operator collects all the data (from scanning all the sides of the objects) and converts into a 3D model it can be tempered with in any way. Usually such model are scaled or modified in attempt correct or improve their design and functionality. Later this scanned models can be fed into the 3D printer’s software and created in a few hours.

SolidFill offers the service of 3D scanning to you and your ideas and will advise you for the most suitable technology for your project.

Prices of this service depend on the complexity of the object you would like to 3D model. Please contact us for more information