3D CAD Modeling

3D CAD models are the starting point of every 3D printing project. They are a necessity for a printjob to be initiated as they are the reading material for the printer software to build the object.

We, at SolidFill, are more than aware that not everyone is well equipped with the knowhow, equipment and time to handle a complicated software programs needed to 3D model a object. Our 3D designers are here to help you turn your concept or your idea sketch into a real computer 3d model.  Not only this, but using our 3D CAD modeling services ensure your model will be fit for 3D printing right away and would not have to go through any additional adjustments in order to fulfill the requirements of the 3d printers.

In order for us to create your 3D model we will need a 2D sketch, a drawing of the object you would like to be 3D printed or just you to depict your idea. The exact and detailed dimensions such as length, width,thickness, etc will also be needed for reach the desired accuracy of the model. Alternatively if you need a relatively small and simple physical objects transferred to a 3D model for replication or modification you can provide us with a sample (we will take detailed measurements), which will be 3D modeled. For more large and complex model we offer 3D Scanning.

Prices of this service depend on the complexity of the object you would like to 3D model. Please contact us for more information